Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010‏

Dear Family and Friends,
Nimen hao from the beautiful island! There is no better place on earth than here. It is fantastic!

This week was definitely a week or miracles. On Tuesday, my very first entirely full proselyting day in Taiwan, we had the most amazing miracle! We had two appointments that day, and both of them set a baptismal date! It was amazing! Some Elders in our zone contacted Sister Huang and she was really excited to meet with us. When we taught her about the first vision, we asked her what she taught, and she said, "I think it is true." Wow! It was absolutely amazing! Sister Liu is someone that the sisters have been helping with English for a while, but this week was the first time we taught her a lesson, and she had the same reaction! It was amazing! God truly brings his prepared people to the truth.
Also, we had a lot of success contacting this week. Most of our contacting is done on the J (The Train System that we Use to get around). My Chinese is still pretty bad, but with my companion's help we have gotten a lot of potential investigators just from talking to people going from one appointment to another. It is truly a miracle. One person we met told us that we were so happy and beautiful that we looked liked angels. She is so prepared to hear the gospel! It truly is a miracle!

I feel so blessed to have such a great companion. Sister Ackerson is amazing! The people here just love her! She is so good at talking to people. It is such a blessing. She is also so patient. She always encourages me to talk to people and helps me understand what they are saying when we are contacting or talking to members. It is fantastic. She is also so helpful in every way! All throughout the day she listens to what people say to me and writes down words or phrases that I do not understand and helps me learn them in language study the next day. She is also so encouraging. I know my Chinese is pretty bad right now, but she keeps telling me how great I am doing. I really need that, because at times the language barrier seems enormous, but I am so glad that with her help, and of course the help of the spirit, I am learning how to overcome that. I know that as I continue to try and work diligently, God will help me learn Chinese!

At the end of this week we had another really cool experience. We had the chance to sing in a Choir for a Janice Kapp Perry Concert. It was a real treat. Janice Kapp Perry was in Taipei this weekend, so the surrounding areas were able to participate in this concert. We were asked to be in the Choir, which was a real treat. It was a huge success, and a lot of fun. There was a disco ball and everything, and it took -place in a huge concert hall with an audience of around 800 people. It was a special experience as people from all over Taipei sang in both Chinese and English songs that bring people closer to Christ. It really struck me how much more important the language of the spirit is than anything else. From that, my companion and I had two people approach us and ask to meet with missionaries. Wow! The Lord is really preparing the people of Taiwan.

Today I was reading in the Doctrine and Covenants and one verse really stuck out to me. In D&C 17:6, Jesus Christ himself Testifies of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. It is such a powerful statement. I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and it brings such great help into our lives. As we feast upon the word of God, the Book of Mormon and the Bible, we truly are given power to overcome all our trials. We just need to exercise faith, read, and pray, and "all things will work together for our good." I am so grateful to be on a mission to be able to share this happy message with everyone!
I love you all! God Bless you!

Ke jiemei
Sister Collyer
Pictures from the MTCPicture with the Mission President

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Whitney Hsieh said...

for the people whose mother's tongue is not CHINESE, your Chinese already have a lot of prograss...I can almost understand what u want to dont worry...we'll help u...
chao yo...

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