Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26,2010

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello again from the beautiful island! But this time from a different city - Xinzhu! That is right, move calls came this past weekend and I am not longer in Danshui! It was a really hard move for me. Parting with my wonderful trainer Sister Ackerson was so hard! I learned so much from her and I had a lot of fun too! I feel so blessed to have been with her for the short time that I was! Another hard part about leaving is that I didn't get to say goodbye to all the people who have become so dear to me over the last six weeks, but I know that God really does need me here!
Xinzhu is much further south on the island. Xinzhu is really different from Danshui. I have only been here for a couple hours, but the biggest difference is that there is so much more space here! Danshui is really crowded, and Xinzhu is still a big city, but it doesn't have people piled on top of each other like Danshui does. I am really looking forward to the experience here. It should be fantastic! My new companion is Sister Mac Isaac. She seems great! This is her first transfer as a senior companion, so it should be a great adventure for us both. She is from Fresno California, so it is nice to have someone form the home front as a companion! I think this will be a great transfer!

This past week was a great one, but also pretty rough. Sister Ackerson and I had seven appointments this week that fell through or stood us up, which was bad! But we got some good contacting in, which was great. We even went "English Boarding" this week, which basically means that we took a poster advertising our free English Class and handed out pamphlets. It was wildly successful! While most of the time people avoid our eyes, with the English board people were chasing us down! It was great!

When we found out I was moving, we made sure to hit up our favorite places to eat and work really hard the last few days we had left! It was a great experience! Abnd we had some great miracles this week. We had three investigators at church, which was really exciting!
Although I am really going to miss Danshui, I am really looking forward to it here. I get to ride my bicycle! And my companion seems really nice and motivated and a great example of a great missionary. Her Chinese is really good, so she will help me out a ton! Also, Todd D Christopherson is coming to Taiwan, and he is headed right here for Xinzhu! What a great blessing! I will get to see him next week, which will be great!

Also, another success I had this week - I wrote a letter in Chinese! It took a really long time! I am really proud. I don't think I have ever concentrated so hard on something in my life, but I feel great about it!

I love you all very much!

Sister Collyer

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