Monday, April 12, 2010

March 12, 2010

Dear family and friends,
Nimen hao again! This week, once gain, was fantastic! On Wednesday I attended my first Zone Conference, and it was great, except for the part at lunch when I found a fish head swimming around in the soup I was drinking for lunch! :) Really though, except for that minor incident, zone conference was fantastic. We received a lot of good instruction about how to use the Book of Mormon in contacting people! Wow, it was so helpful! I am still not so good at contacting yet, but I am working on it.
The lessons we taught our investigators this week were absolutely fantastic. They are working towards baptism, and I couldn't be more excited! I am only scared because all of our investigators baptismal dates are not in this transfer, and if I move I won't get to see them be baptized! I know that in the Lord's plan doesn't require me to be at their baptisms, but I just love them all so much and I want to be part of that happy day for them! I want to see them make their first covenant with the Lord that will bless the rest of their lives! Still, whatever happens, I know that the Lord's hand is in it, and all is for the best.
We got to listen to General Conference this past weekend, and it was fantastic. Here were some of my favorite things about this conference:
President Monson started talking about his wife and said with his little grin, "I know Francis is thinking, 'Please don't say anymore!' but I am going to say more anyway." (the little grin starts about 6 min 25 seconds into talk - Note by Rebecca)

Elder Nelson's wink was amazing! (the wink is about 1 min 25 seconds into the talk, and it is amazing - Note by Rebecca)

Elder Holland talking about the movie stars that slink around the screen, and how they try to convince women by their actions that a woman's only power is in seduction, which is not true! Really, his talk was so bold and so direct! Wow! I loved it.
Elder Koichi's talk was so inspiring to me! I could just feel his feelings. He must have been so nervous trying to talk in front of the whole church in a second language! His courage really inspired me.

Elder Uchtdorf's talk about us needing to welcome people into the Church no matter what. This was one of my favorite talks. I loved when he said something like, "When the savior reaches out his hands, those he touches are stronger. We are his hands!" It really touched me. It is so important that we welcome everyone into the gospel of Jesus Christ, no matter what their circumstances. We can truly strengthen each other!
Yeah, general conference was absolutely fantastic.

Also, I just want to share a little thing I learned in Scripture study today. I was reading in 3 Nephi 2:1. It talks about how people saw so many signs and wonders that they stopped being amazed by them. I just gotta say that my companion is the perfect example of how NOT to do this! Every day, every little thing that happens, she turns to me, puts her hands up in the air and says, "Miracles!" It is so inspiring, and so true! We see so many miracles every day, we just need to take the time to recognize them. God truly has a hand in our lives, especially in the lives of those who are trying their best to serve Him. He really gives us miracles! I am so grateful that Sister Askerson never lets me forget this special gift.

I wanted to end on a funnier note. This week I wrote a verse to the song "Follow the Prophets." I just really felt there were some prophets who really did not get enough credit, and one of them is captain Moroni. This particular verse is about Alma 44:

Moroni was a prophet,
A rogue servant he found.
Scalped poor Zarahemna,
waved the hair around.
Tried to tell the armies
fighting was no fun,
but they disagreed,
so He killed everyone!

I hope all is well! I love you all!

Sister Collyer

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