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May 31, 2010‏

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello! Another very exciting week here in Taiwan! For starters, I would like to say that I have truly learned that some Internet cafes are better than others. I prefer the ones that do NOT play English music, because then if the music is dirty or anything, at least I can't understand it! Anyways, this weeks emailing environment is definitely better than last weeks, so we are off to a great start!

This week was CRAZY AWESOME! First off, there is a totally authentic taco stand in our area, so we got to eat tacos this week. Real Mexican food. I never would have thought it was possible, but it was GOOD. It is right near this fish pond with stepping stones, so we ate there and it was really nice. The only problem is the mosquitoes! My legs were covered in bites the next day! Actually, mosquitoes are just generally a nasty problem. In my last area I would wake up with seven or eight new ones a day! Here there are not as many, but the mosquitoes here are MONSTERS! They are black with spots and when they bite, it is really, really nasty! I can't decide what I prefer yet - a lot of little bites or a few huge nasty bites. Neither is particularly fun, but such is the life of a missionary in Taiwan!
(Note from Rebecca. This is a TENNIS BALL sized snail...the bugs really are monsters!)

Also, this week was one of our investigator's birthday. Hong Raeyin (Ranae) turned 18! Yeah! We had a birthday party for her and baked a cake and everything! It was really fun. It was just a short little get together before English class, but she really liked it. She has never had a birthday party before, so she really, really appreciated it. Wow. I really adore her. Also, she set a baptismal date for July and we are all really excited! She is such a strong, spiritual person. She just knows that God is there and that he is looking our for her and that he answers prayers, and she didn't even grow up with any religion at all! I am always really impressed when people can believe something they never thought of before. That is the power of the Holy Ghost. It truly has the power to turn the hearts of men and change us, if we will only listen to the promptings! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to watch the spirit work miracles through Raeyin. It makes me really want to be a better missionary and bring more people this same joy!

Also, this week the other sisters in our Zone found out that one of them - Sister Weng - is training next transfer! Her trainee arrived on Thursday, which means that Sister Dowdle - who was in the MTC with me - is moving! Ah! I am so sad that she is going to move! Every time I go on splits with her we see miracles. I really think she motivates me to be the best missionary I can be. This week we went on splits and I went over to ZhuBei and got to be with Sister Dowdle and the new trainee - Sister Li. Sister Li is American Born Chinese (ABC) and her Chinese is already perfect and her Taiwanese is also pretty dang good. I really like her a lot! She has such a cute personality, and is really motivated to do the work of the Lord. Anyways, while out on splits we were trying to find an inactive member's house and we were kind of lost and we stopped to look at an address on a wall when a man came out of his house to smoke, and we taught him a lesson right there and he was so excited and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said, "I will diligently read!" (Ok, the translation into English is a little awkward, but that is what he said!) and then he told us that all of these houses right there are his brothers and pretty much gave us them as referrals. WOW!!! We got his information and gave him to the Elders and it was great. MIRACLES! They are so real!
Then on Saturday, BAPTISM! Yes, the Wang Family are now members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and they are absolutely fantastic! The Mom - Wang ZheXuan - is going to be such an asset to the ward. She really is inspiring. She is so touched spiritually and I have never met someone who wanted so badly to do good! She is just great! Her 13 year old son, ShaoJun, is also fantastic. He really is so solid. He is moving to China to live with his dad this summer, and he is going to be strong. His testimony is solid. He is really going to be an amazing leader in the church some day. At only 13, his testimony and charisma and sincerity is already more mature that a lot of the returned missionaries I have met in college. I am serious. He is going to be one powerful priesthood leader that is going to bless the lives of many, many people. And then the 9 year old daughter, ShaoYun. She is such a character. She is so full of love and playfulness. She is always smiling and helpful and service-oriented. She is going to be an amazing daughter in Zion! I am just so happy for their examples of faith and willingness to serve the lord. It is truly great.

The spirit at their baptism was so, so strong. Really. Everyone could feel it. It was practically palpable. Especially at the closing song - Families can be Together Forever. I was leading the music and I was doing all I could to keep it together! The truth is, Families really can be Together Forever. Through God's great plan of Salvation - His plan of happiness - we can live with our loved ones FOREVER. I know this is true. This is our message to the world! Through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, God had revealed His merciful plan that can bring us happiness in this life and salvation with all of our loved ones in the world to come! It is true. I know it is true. I have felt the spirit testify in my heart that this is true. These feelings are undeniable. I know it is true. Everyone can know for themselves it is true if we will just humble ourselves before God and ask. If we ask with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will, through the power of the holy ghost, tell us that these things are true. (See Moroni 10:4-5).

Well, everyone, I love you all so much! I pray for you all and I hope you can continue to develop your own faith in the Savior Jesus Christ and the Power of God. He lives!

Sister Collyer

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Happy Birthday Amy!!! This is one you will never forget. Enjoy, and post some pictures.

Love, the Roberg's

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