Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010

Note from Rebecca: I thought I had posted this before I left on vacation, but apparently I didn't. So sorry for the late post.
Dear Family and Friends,

Hello again from Taipei! It was onother great week!

This past monday we went back up to Danshui to do some shopping on old street. It was really fun for Sister Allen and me because Danshui was both of our first areas. And old street is great! I probably spent more money than I should, but boy was it fun! and I got the chance to meet the infamous Turkish IceCream man. I don't really know how to describe his icecream stand - he puts the ice cream on a stick and dances it around and tries to prevent you from catching it, and he is REALLY good at it! He always has a crowd!

The rest of the week we really saw some miracles. We were showered with Golden investigators! One woman came to the church and said, "I know the Book of Mormon is True and Joseph Smith is a prophet." She apparently met with missionaries before because she had an old translation of the book of mormon. Wow! Then, we had a girl from English class come to churhc today and she just LOVED it! She wrote down evey activity that was announced and fully plans on attending them all! Then, a mother and daughter attended church together and the LOVED it! Apparently their relative was in our ward but moved to Canada. Seriously, they loved church, and the 24 year old daugher even came to tht evening's Single Adult Activity, and she loved that too! One of our investigators - Eve - came as well, and she just can't get enough! Lastly, our investigator Sister Fan came as well, and she could only stay for sacrament meeting, but the topic in Sacrament weeting was overcoming trials and it was just perfect for her because she has a lot of really big trials in her life right now and the speakers really said exactly what she needed to hear.

I am overwhelmingly grateful right now for the ward members. The people in our two wards are beyond amazing - they are just plain inspiring. They were so excited to have people at church, and our investigators felt so at home because of their fellowshipping that they were all participating in the lessons just like they were already members. It was truly a miracle. It made me realize how important members realy are. Missionaries can to all they can, but in the end it is the members that really make the difference. I am so, so grateful for our members! When members and missionaries work together, that is when real miracles occur. We need eachother! So my advice to all the missionaries that may read this - look out for your members! And to all you members out there - take care of your missionaries! I promise if you do this, you WILL see miracles.

On a funnier note, I read a scripture this morning that really reminded me of California. 1 Nephi 21:11 says "And I will make all my mountains a way, and my highways shall be exalted." I was thinking, yep that happened in California! The mountains really were burned and washed away to the point where the highways were more beautiful than the mountains! I hope the mountains are getting greener over there at home! Ihave not been there for six months, so I don't know really what the situation is, but I just thought I would share my funny little observation with you today!

I love you all and really appreciate your letters! Thanks for being amazing! God bless you!

Sister Collyer

These are my pictures,

One si a picture of me and Sister jian - we went on exchanges together. Also, the sign cracked me up, so I had to share it! I love you! The last picture (if it attaches) is my trainer - Sister Ackerson - and her new Companion - Sister Hintze (who was in teh MTC with me). They came to do a temple tour with one of the investigators I met in Danshui, and Me and sister Allen were on Tours that day! It was great to see them! We got to go out to eat lunch with them, which was fantastic!

I love you! Please send these on to Rebeca so she can post them on the Blog!


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