Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010‏

Hello Friends and Family -

Wow! This week is full of more and more miracles! But first, I will share the funny things that happened recently because I don't want to forget!

First off, teaching is always a lot of fun with Sister Howell. We are pretty much always on the same page, which is so nice! But on top of that, because Chinese is both of our second languages, we have some pretty hilarious slip ups that make every appointment just that much better. This week, we were teaching about heaven and how there are three kingdoms of glory. I has just explained about the Celestial kingdom, and Sister Howell started explaining about the Terrestrial kingdom. Well, Sister Howell was trying to say "If you don't go to the Celestial kingdom you go to the Terrestrial kingdom," Only she got her words mixed up and said, "If you don't go to the Celestial Kingdom, you go to China." We all were laughing pretty hard! I love this work, and I love Chinese!

Also, one of our investigators is so funny! She is cruising at reading the Book of Mormon - already in Alma! We asked her what her favorite part is, and she said, "I like Jacob. I think he is really handsome/attractive/cute." (Sorry - I don't know quite how to translate, but that is essentially the meaning!) It was all I could do to not bust out laughing right there! Sister Howell and I still laugh about it!

Yesterday we couldn't leave our house because there was a typhoon. Pretty much just a lot of rain and wind and not that exciting, but it was good to get a little extra rest! We spent most of the day making cards to give to investigators and friends. When you don't really read Chinese, writing it is quite the adventure, and it takes forever!

Just a little side note - I think the biggest miracle this week was how many times we got fed. Every single day this week someone bought or made us a meal. Sometimes it was members, sometimes it was investigators, but it seriously happened every day! Even when the typhoon came and everyone was stuck indoors we had several members call and ask us if we needed any food! Of course we said no, but it was amazing! I think all those times mom feeds the missionaries is really paying off for me! :)

Now, as for a little update on our investigators:

Hu HuiNa and her son (10/9) - Amazing! The mom has a definite testimony already. She told us she has seen an amazing change in her children and has noticed at times when she would get frustrated or upset or stressed she can feel God is helping her so those feelings go away. We briefly taught about the temple and she said, "Oh, I get it! The temple is our goal!" WOW! It doesn't get much better than that.

Zhen Ah Fen (10/30) The mayor of FuGang. We ate dinner at the stake president's house with her this past week and it was really good and really powerful. Also, She took us out to eat at a place with a bunch of little Elephant decorations, and it is awesome! I love it!! It is called DaNinXiang, and it is vegetarian. As a matter of fact, the best places to eat her in Taidong are all vegetarian, so Sister Howell and I are thinking about going vegetarian!

Cheng PeiXuan (10/30) She is the one that told us Jacob is really attractive. Also, she is an artist and has some awesome paintings and stuff! She gave me some recommendations on some really neat books that I just might buy and send home for you to look at! She is progressing really well. She wanted to come to church this week, but it was cancelled because of the typhoon.

Li BiJun (Wendy) - (10/2) - Lives in paradise. Seriously. We visited her house this week. It is in Taimali and she came and picked us up and took us there. She lives on a mountain that overlooks the most beautiful beach in the world with no one around and a little garden and oh my, I really thought I had died and gone to paradise when we visited them! She also gave us a mini tour of good places to eat in Taidong, so we have some great suggestions for the future! She and her husband are amazing!

Lan Wanling (10/16) - She is amazing! She is our age and is seriously great! Sometimes she waked up and runs with us at the local track. She is reading and praying and has a testimony and is coming to Church and all is looking great for her! I love her!

Wu PeiFen (Izzie) (10/16) - She is this weeks miracle! a member brought her to church this past week and she wants to be baptized really bad! She is so excited about it that we set up every appointment we would need from now until her baptism date to make it on time! Wow! Member referrals are the best!

That is about it for the week! I love you all and hope you continue to read ans pray. This gospel brings blessings that could never come in any other way!

Sister Collyer

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