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January 10, 2009

Dear Family and friends,

Ni hao! another great week at the MTC!

Today I had a real Chinese breakthrough. I was waiting in line to buy something at the Bookstore and an elder in front of me was actually from China. He asked me a question in Chinese, and I knew what he was saying! And I knew what to say back! It was amazing! Admittedly, the other few questions he asked me I had no idea what he was saying, but I still glorify in that one special moment.

This week I left the MTC to go get a Chest x-guang (X-ray) at the BYU Health center. it was quite and adventure wandering off the MTC campus. I kind of liked it. Also, I am pretty sure that is the last thing I need to do for my visa, so hopefully I will leave on time! Speaking of Visas, I see Ryan Lew ALL THE TIME because he hasn't got his Visa yet. There are a TON of Brazilian missionaries right now with that problem. Please pray for them! Some have been around for over 14 weeks, when they were supposed to go straight to Brazil.

At our teaching appointment today we finally had a volunteer instead of teaching another Chinese missionary. And guess what? I knew the girl who was our volunteer! Emily Anian was in the Accounting program with me, and she is from Burbank! It was very exciting. it was a great lesson. My companions are such a blessing to me. Their prayers and testimonies truly invite the spirit so strong. I have so much to learn from them. They are just so humble and loving! It is awesome.

Now for a little bit of humor - Chinese is quite an adventurous language. The same word can really mean so many things. For example, I mispronounced two very significant words this week. If you are inviting someone to meet the bishop, don't mispronounce the word "zhujiao" (bishop) because you might introduce someone to your pig's feet instead. Also In reciting the first Vision, the word "aizi" means beloved son. Misprounounced it means Short person or midget. Yeah, I laughed pretty hard when Li Laoshi told me what I was actually saying. But I learned a great mission - TONES ARE VERY IMPORTANT! That is our password to get into the classroom now.

Our new teachers are great. Li Laoshi is from China, and she is like the most energetic and happy person I could ever imagine. Class is so funny when she is teaching! She is always correcting our pronunciation, which is really good. Also, she tells us what we accidentally said, which is often hilarious. He Laoshi is an awesome teacher. He always encourages us to be better, and he is so sincere and teaches with the spirit so strong! I am so excited to have two awesome teachers!

I had two particularly special experiences this week. Yesterday, in Sacrament meeting, one of the sisters in our branch sang ,"I know that my redeemer lives." She has an amazing voice, and her expressions were even more amazing. I thought she was sure to be exalted right then and there! I felt the spirit so strong, and It lasted the rest of the day. I can honestly say I will be a better person because I heard her sing. She is going to be an amazing missionary. Today we went to the temple again and My companions and I did sealings. I was so touched there! I know that Families can be together forever! I am so excited to help people along that path to those blessings! The people of Taiwan need these blessings, and I get to be an instrument in God's hands to help them make it. I am in awe of the power of God. He truly knows us, and he knows the people we will serve.

My favorite scripture this week is Jeremiah 1:5. God loves us. He knew us before we were born. He has lead us to this point in our lives, and he has a plan for us that we cannot even imagine. I am so grateful for his love and guidance.

Well, Time is almost up! Wan'an! Good night!

Ke Jiemei - Sister Collyer

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