Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2009‏

Dear Family and fiends,

Nimen Hao! This week was pretty amazing!

First of all, I may be able to get some pictures this week, so get excited! But not too excited because I don't know for sure yet...

Today I cut my hair. A lot. I am not sure if I like it yet, but in case I do get pictures, just don't be alarmed. I'll grow into it. :)

Anyways, I really want to start off with something hilarious that happened yesterday. We had a Devotional by the missionary coordinator for the MTC - Brother Allen. He asked a few missionaries what they gave up to go on a mission. The first elder stood up at the stand and said, "Marriage." We all laughed a little, but it got better. Brother Allen asked the Elder is he left the girl in his hometown, and he said, "No, she is here." We all started laughing so hard, and after about a minutes pause the sister stood up! It was hilarious! Pretty awesome.

So this week was the first time we taught in Chinese, and it was an amazing experience. I definitely learned a lot of things I need to work on, but the spirit was so strong. We shared the message of the restoration. Ma Jiemei explained about Joseph Smith and his time, I recited the First Vision, and Gao Jiemei bore testimony. The Spirit was so strong, and I learned a valuable lesson. The spirit truly speaks louder than words. I know that my Chinese was hai OK, and I could barely understand the words that the investigator was saying sometimes, but we all understood each other so clearly. The gospel is true. Nothing can speak these words louder than the spirit. I am so grateful for companions who are so obedient, diligent, and genuine. They brought the spirit so strong. I will never forget the lesson I learned in that first lesson.

All of the older missionaries are going to leave tomorrow morning, and I really can't help but be super sad about it! They are truly amazing sisters. Two of them - Sister Hintze and Sister Dowdle - are going to my mission, so I am sure I will see them again, but the others - Sister Weinheimer, Sister Howard, Sister Peterson, and Sister Clyde - are going to Taichung! They are all going to be amazing missionaries. I know the Lord has big plans for them. I have learned so much about love, patience, diligence, and obedience from their examples and friendships. Maybe I will be companions with Sister Hintze or Sister Dowdle in the future. That would be pretty amazing. Ah! I love all the sisters so much! We are already planning an MTC mission reunion, and I offered our pool... :)

Also, I want to tell you all about You can type me out a letter and I get it that day or the next day. Hen Gaoxing! How exciting! So if any of you feel that you are better at typing your letters, go ahead and find me on

Wo ai nimen! I love you all!

Gen Ai (With Love),
Ke Jiemei
Sister Collyer

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