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January 18, 2009‏

Dear Friends and Family,

hao! another great week in the MTC. Since mom asked, the only thing I need for valentines is Dark Chocolate Covered pecans from the bookstore, so get Eric to send me some. Ruth sent me some last week, and I already finished them!

Also, I met an Elder from
Farmington, New Mexico, and He knows Percy and Kami! Elder Cory Eddy. He is doing great, and he wants to tell them hello.

This week was a real treat. I can honestly say I have never worked so hard in my life and still got a full night's sleep! We had a lot of Chinese to learn last week - we learned all the words to help someone move, to talk about families and to teach them how to pray- so it was really intense, but I really learned a lot This coming week is going to be even crazier! This week we have to teach the entire first lesson in Chinese on Saturday. Wow. We have a lot to do. Still, I know that God qualifies those whom he calls, so I know that I can teach the lesson in Chinese. I may have to be more diligent than ever before, but I can do that. I am a missionary!

I feel like on top of learning a lot of Chinese, I really have gained a testimony of how much the Lord supports his missionaries, and also how much he expects of us. We can do nothing. truthfully, I am not good at all at learning Chinese. It seems hard for me. But God is upholding me, and through faith, prayer and diligence I was able to get done what he wanted. I could definitely have done more, but all that I did I did for the Lord, and that is important.

This week I have been constantly reminded of a scripture: Alma 26:12.
Ammon says, "As to myself, I am weak, but through God I can do anything." I know this is true. As to myself, I am weak, but I am strong with the Lord.

Also, this week I got a calling in my branch! I am the coordinating sister. It is kind of like the district leader, but for all the sisters in the Branch. At first I was a little scared since my time is already pretty short, but as I said earlier, with God we can do anything. So now, I am pretty excited about it. I feel like this is a really big responsibility, but I know that I will have the spirit in all that I do. Anyways, Six sisters are leaving next week for Taiwan, and I get to help them check out and leave. After that only three of us will be left until Jessica comes in. I am so excited because I get to help train the new missionaries when they get here! I really feel a huge sense of responsibility for the incoming sisters. I hope when they get here in a couple weeks they know how much I love them!

Well, time is short, but I love you all! Thank you for the emails and letters of support. I always love them!

Ke Jiemei.

(Jessica, in case you are reading this, the
Ke is first tone. :) Good luck on your talk this week. You will be awesome!)

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