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July 19, 2010‏

Dear Friends and family,
Hello from...TAIDONG! Yes, I have moved again, and this one was a really, really big majorly huge surprise. In my last presidents interview he told me to, "unpack my bags and get comfortable because you are staying here for a long time." Well, I guess God had other plans. So far I am the only missionary I know of that has moved every single transfer. Most sister missionaries only have about three areas their whole mission, and here I am on my fourth already!
It was really, REALLY hard to leave Xinan and Wanda wards. we really just started to get things really picked up. We are having a baptism next week that I now won't get to see, and we met a GOLDEN family of four people who are so excited about the gospel it blows my mind! Them on top of our other investigators, members, district and everyone else I have come to love really made it hard to leave. Also, they closed our area. Eight sisters are going home but only one came in this transfer, so they had to close four areas, and mine was one of them. I am so sad! But I know that God has a hand in all that happens in the mission, and the Elders that are in the wards are fantastic and I know they will take care of or investigators and baptism just fine.
I attached a picture of my district in Taipei. I am really going to miss them a lot! We were the only district with two sets of sisters, and I really came to love them a lot. I almost felt like I had three companions! Sister Beus and Sister Chen are amazing missionaries, and amazing friends. I will really miss them along with the elders.
On the plus side, I am in Taidong! look it up on the Internet and you will see exactly why I am so excited about it - it is the farthest south city in out mission right along the east coast, and it is beautiful! It is the only area far enough from Taibei in the mission that we had to take a plane to get here! And it is known as one of the most beautiful places on the island. It is true - I don't think I have ever been anywhere more beautiful in my life! I feel so blessed.
Basically, if you could imagine a place that is the exact opposite of Taibei, it is Taidong. Taibei is so crowded that you can't take two steps without running into five hundred people. Basically the best contacting place in the world. Taidong has way fewer people - seriously. It is like a hick town compared to Taibei! There is no air pollution here and everything is so, so green and amazing. I just love it! We cover two branches down here, and I just am so excited I get this opportunity. Most of the missionaries were pretty jealous when they found out I was coming here, and now I know why. It is beautiful!
Also, my new companion is Taiwanese! She is fantastic. Her name is Sister Lin and she seems great. Her English is really non-existent, so it is time to really pray for the gift of tongues! So far things are great. We have a few appointments tonight that should be great. I am super excited to have a native companion! It is likely that I will have mostly native companions from now on because most of the rest of the American sisters are going home next transfer. Bring it on!
Last p-day we went to the zoo with one of our new members- Lin YiXiu. It was so much fun! I loved it! I have a CD of pictures I will send you.
I love you all so much!
Sister Collyer

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