Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 1, 2010

Dear Family and friends,

This morning was another adventure in the apartment. Luckily no bookshelves collapsed, but wow! This morning's adventure was a LOT louder!

They seem to be doing road work here in Taodong more than even Utah has. :) Today they decided to start at about 8 in the morning ripping out the ground right outside our window. And when I say ground I mean foot thick cement. Yes, this picture was literally taken at our window. Sometimes the crane passed so close to our window I thought for sure it was gonna hit! and It was so NOISY!!!!! Durring personal study concentrating was impossible, and durring companion study we had to shout to even hear eachother! Yes, it lasted even until we left the house. I think it is still going on, but it is much quieter here in the computer lab.

Other than that, this week was a pretty great one. We got stood up a lot this week, but every time we did, we really saw miracles! It was great! One night all three of our lessons cancelled so we went outside contacting. We stepped outside the chapel, said a prayer, and then decided we were going to go over the bridge and take the first left and then the first right and spend the evening there. Well, in an hour and a half we taught FIVE lessons! Wow! THat was a real testimony to me that God is leading this work, and as long as we are out trying out best to do good, he will bless us. He is truly preparing people to hear this gospel. What a blessing missionary work is!

We also had four people at chruch which was really awesome because it was not the four people we thought would come. It was a great day and the branch is really excited about them. One girl that came was someone we actually never met before. Her name is Wang YiTing and a missionary from Taipei contacted her and sent us her information and we called her and invited her to church and she actually came and stayed the whole time! And she LOVED it! She is a college student here and she is awesome. Also, she has exactly the same name as a branch member, so her and the entire Wang family were immediately friends and she went with us to eat dinner with them last night and it could not have been better. I love this work!

Other than that, nothing special to report. It is always a great adventure here in Taidong! Every day something happend that I feel like would only happen in fairytales. For example, the other day I was riding my bike near the old train station that is majestically abandoned and a group of fireflies surrounded me and started flying with me. Wow, I felt like fairy tale barbie! And then sometimes there are groups of birds on the track where we run in the mornings and as we run they take off and fly into the blue blue sky as the cool breeze blows. This This morning all the worms came out and made crazy cool looking lines all along the track and the track was really shiny and it looked like it has a magis spell on it or something. Of course having to dodge a bunch of worms while running is not ideal, but is just still felt like a dream. I love it here in Taidong! Despite the monster truck eating the sidewalk outside or window, I never want to leave!

I hope all is well! I love you all!

Sister Collyer

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