Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 8, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

Yes! Lan Wanling is going to be baptized this coming Saturday!!!!!!!! We are so happy and excited and I just cannot even tell you how much I stinking love that girl! We met her when I first moved to Taidong and have been working with her ever since July. We are so, so, SOOO happy she is going to take this step into the waters of repentance and eternal life!

We actually spent a good chunck of time this week in Hualian - which is a three hour train ride away. Ouch. We went out there Wednesday for Zone conference, which was great and I learned a ton and I am super grateful for our leader's guidance. We seriously have the best leaders in the mission! If I could use only once sentence to describe president Grimley, it would be this - He is a Man of God. That is it. He received revelation that will help us become better misisonaries, and every time I apply what he teaches us we see miracles. I love it!

On Friday and Saturday we went on companion exchanges to Hualian. Because the train ride is so long, when we exchange one companionship travels to the other area and we all just proselyte there. Last week we went to Hualian and it was a good experience. I went on exchanges with Sister Lai and we really had a great time. Hualian is a great place! It is so...what is the word...urban! Wow! we ate lunch in a MALL!! Wow! We con't have anything like that here in Taidong. I forgot what it was like to live in a place with so many people outside! It was a great experience, and super easy to contact people. I am grateful for that. But by the time the exchange was over I really missed the rice fields and bike trails of Taidong. It is good to be back home!

On November 20 we are going to have a big Thanksgiving day activity and the branches are going to cook Turkey and everything! They also want us misisonaruies to act out the Thanksgiving story as midgets. Yes, that was a very specific request straight from both branch presidents. How, you ask, will we do this? Well, just look at the pictures I have attached to find out! I will give you a hint - those are not my companion's hands...

WEll, other than that this week has no exciting things to report! I love you all and hope you are all well! Don't forget to read and pray and go to church! These things are super important!!!


Sister Collyer

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