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January 10, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

Hello again from the paradise of Taidong. Honestly, I cannot think of a happier place to be than right here!

Last Monday we went up to Yuli which was awesome! We rode our bikes up and hiked in YuShan national park and it was great! Also, Yuli is a really special place because up there they just recently got a baptismal font, so before that came in they used to baptize at the waterfall you see in one of these pictures. about paradise! What a perfect place to be baptized! Yeah, it was probably pretty cold, but wow! What a baptism!

This week we have once again seen miracles. We have these investigators. They are four high-school age friends names Cheese, Anthony, Cathy, and Bunny. They are all seriously fantastic, and this week they introduces us to five more of their friends whose names I cannot recall. But really, MIRACLES!

WE also went to the Lai Family's house to eat dinner this week and it was great! They are so fantastic. Their father is not a member yet, but we pray for them and we have hope that one day his heart will be softened and they will be able to be sealed in the temple as a family.

Something I have really learned a lot from the people here in Taidong is patience. Most of the members come from part member families without a priesthood holder, and these women are the most persistent and amazing examples of faith I have ever met! I admire these people so much. They wake up and prepare all of their children to come to church then load them all on a scooter when it is very cold and sometimes raining outside and come to church and patiently deal with crazy children running up and down the isles in Sacrament all the while not breaking a sweat. Wow! Peifu Tamen! (I admire them!)

This week I was thinking about something I read in a letter someone sent to me. Everyone says things like, "I know it is hard sometimes, but you can do it." Well, I have a confession to make - it really is not that hard! Every day I walk out the door and I can feel Christ supporting us everywhere we go and it is just so happy and so wonderful and so easy it almost seems wrong! Shouldn't this be harder than it is? The fact is, no! It doesn't have to be hard. If you remember who is behind it all, if you remember that angels are bearing you up through it all. The holy spirit is testifying all that we say is true. Wow! There is more support from God now than ever before in my life! With that in my mind, how could it possibly be hard?! This is the most exciting, wonderful, rewarding time in my life. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Well, That is about it for this week! It has really been a fantastic one! We are still helping a few prepare for baptism so things are going great. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Sister Collyer

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