Friday, December 31, 2010

December 6, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello again from wonderful Taidong! This week we really saw some great miracles!

First off, TRACY is so excited to be baptized on Christmas day! And so is Stacy! Yes, the both speak ok English so they have English names, which makes it much easier on all of you. ;) I am so excited for them! Especially Tracy. She was so excited when we went and visited her this week. She said, "Can God answer your prayers from movies?" We said, "Of course!!" She then pulled out a piece of paper covered in writing front and back and said, "I know you can't watch movies, so I wrote it down word for word so you could see how God answered my prayers!!!" It was just plain amazing! She was telling her whole family about it! I am so grateful for a God that knows exactly what people need and how to reach them. I love God!

And Stacy is just amazing! She met with missionaries a while ago but at that time she worked on Sundays. Now, she had read the entire Book of Mormon and knows that it is true and doesn't work on Sunday and is so excited to get baptized on Christmas as well. This is going to be the greatest Christmas ever!

Also, there are three other amazing people preparing for baptism that are super excited about it and will probably be baptized on the 1 of January (1/1/11 - how auspicious). Terrence - a 9 year old boy whose parents are not christian but fully support him coming to church and reading scriptures and praying. Wow! And then there is Guo Jingru who is also nine years old. Her older brother who is in the military is a member but the rest of her family is not. She was so excited to get her own Book of Mormon that the next day she told us, "I already read 4 pages!!" She is so looking forward to being baptized! And lastly Wang Yi Ting. She is still developing faith and is doing a great job. She reads and prays every day. She hasn't come to Church lately because she plays volleyball at college and had tournaments on Sunday, but we are working with her on that.

Lastly, there is also a girl names Chen Shuhui that is GREAT! we met her last week and she is already almost done reading 1st Nephi. She came to a ward activity and liked it and things are going great with her. We are very excited here!

Other than that the work continues to go on! I love everything about being here in Taiwan! Last PDay we went shrimping and then cooked and ate the shrimp that we caught. It was really great! I have never done that before and it was really cool. The weird thing is that you catch them and they are still alive and then you put salt on them and they are still alive and then you put them on the skewer and they are still alive and then you put them in the fire and THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!! Wow, I felt a little violent, but boy, when they were finally dead and cooked, they were stinking tasty!

Well, I love you all and hope all is well!

Sister Collyer

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