Tuesday, December 28, 2010

November 22, 2010

Dear Family and friends:

First off, WOW, MY SISTER HAD HER TWINS!!!! That was unexpected and happy news. I love you Maya and Lilly and Addison and Hannah and Bart and Rebecca! You are so blessed and I pray for all of you to be healthy and strong and happy and all of the above blessings that we all desire.I only have three words to say now - Lisa, You're next!!!

This week has been quite the adventure, that is for sure!! It started off as a normal week and then it went crazy because on Wednesday night we got a special phone call from the Assistants. We were to head up to Hualian the nest evening and then up to Taipei on Friday because I am getting a new companion and she just arrives on the island.

So amongst tears that come from reluctance to give up a good thing, but also excitement for a brand new adventure, Sister Howell and I headed up to Taipei. On Friday 11/19 I met my new companion - Sister Wynder. Which means, Ironically from Washington. She is half Taiwanese and Half american and already fluent in both languages. Yes! My chinese has already improved! Sister Howell is opening a new area which is really exciting.

One of the pictures has a lot of meaning - The one with Sister Wynder and I and then a girl names Lavender Lin. Sister Lin was my trainer's trainer, so it is like a cute little four generation picture without grandma in it. :) I love being on a mission

Sister Wynder is fantastic. She is full of fire and energy and she likes eating just about as much as I do (I don't know if that last thing is particularly good) :). She is from Washington but lived in Taiwan for the first 12 years of her life, has three Sisters and one brother, and is one of the happiest most energetic people I know. I have never seen a smile so big! She is great! We have a good time. It has been a great last couple of days, but it was kind of a bummer to be out of our area for so long! We left on Thursday and did not get back until Saturday eveing right before the activity so we hurried over to the activity and did out performance and it was a big hit! I am working on getting a video to show you, but to say the least we had quite the cheering crowd before the skit was over.

I am so excited about the babies that I am finding it hard to concentrate on what I want to say and especially since we have been in Taipei for most of the week there is just not that much to talk about! I love you all and I hope all is well!

I Love you!

Sister Collyer

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