Wednesday, August 24, 2011

April 18, 2011

Dear Firends and Family,
Wow, time really does fly by. I can't believe another week has come and gone, and what a great week it had been! Sorry, oncwe again I still have not found my camera cord, so still no pictures, but thisngs are still pretty good!
I just cannot get over how many miracles we see here these last few weeks. It is just getting hard to keep up! This week we really saw some asewome miracles!
First off, we met again wiht a new member's little sister. Hu HuiNa's little Sister, Wen haini, is seriously great! She has a lot to oversome to join the church, but she is so impressed with her sister's change that she really wants to learn. Ever since we met her two weeks ago she had prayed every day and had really felt a HUGE difference! She came to chruch this week and it was really amazing! Her Sister, Hu huiha spoke in chruch and it was so toughing everyone was crying and Sister Wen was crying and it was just plain BEAUTIFUL! Talk about an answer to prayers! I have never seen something so fantastic the first time someone came to church.
Also, we met a woman this week named Lai yuanjing. She is AMAZING! we met with her and she is achristian, but since she moved to Taidong she has not found a chruch where she felt the spirit. The first time we met with her we invited her to be baptised and she said, "You know what happened when you asked me to be baptised just now? I felt the spirit lift me out of my chair. I know what you are teaching is true and I want to be baptized And I want you to meet my daughter." WOW!!!! I have never had such an amazing experience in my life! We met with her daughter two days later and they both agreed to be baptized next month. It truly is a testimony to me that some people are simply, "kept from the truth becasue they know not shere to find it." Thereare prepared people here in Taidong, that is for sure!
We also had a ton of people come to chruhc this week - eight in total. Wow! I really know that God is guiding the work. Know God is preparing us in every way to become the people he needs us to be. Last transfer, he was trying our patience in finding new investigators, this transfer he is trying our organizational skills because there are a lot of people to take care of. In the end, I am grateful it is God that is guiding the work. His hand is so evident in this work that I can't help but remember every day what a little role I myslef have. I an just one small piece of a huge puzzle that God is creating to bring about the salvation of souls. How grateful am I that I get to be even a small part of this!
Also, one other piece of happy news. My first companion here in Taidong - Sister Lin - suprised all of us here by visiting! She is so fantastic! She went home last februarym and it is so great to see her again and talk to her. It is amazing - I now can actually understand what she is saying when she speaks Chinese! She is seriously one of my favorite companions, so it is so good to see her again! I thought I might not get to see her before I left Taiwan, but she is here and I am so happy!
I love you all and I hope all is well!
Sister Collyer

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