Wednesday, August 24, 2011

May 2, 2011

Dearest friends and family,
First off, CONGRATULATIONS BRO! You are Engaged! I love you so much and I can't wait to meet Courtney and hear all about the engagement!
Now for the updates. Serioucly, this place is the promised land. It is so wonderful here!
First of all, let me tell you a little more about one of our investigators, Sister Luo. We met her two weeks ago and she is already attending institute! She just loves our heavenly father so much! This past week at institute they had a lesson on Tithing, and on sunday she asked me, "Sister Ke, how do you pay tithing? It is the start of a new month and I want to pay." WOW!! We also gave her a pamphet on the law of Chastity and she said, "Oooo, this is wonderful. I want to teach all young women this commandment." WOW! Talk about prepared soul. She also shared with us her greatest desire - to be baptized with her husband. WOW! So guess who is meeting with us on tuesday? Sist Luo and her husband! I know that God truly lead us to this family because I have never seen such prepared, miracle people in my life. I am so grateful to a loving heavenly father who truly is guiding this work.
I am also so overwhelmingly grateful fo a faith-filled companion. Sister Wu is seriously fantastic. She sacrificed a lot to come on a mission and it truly shows through her testimony. SHe is the essence of diligence and hard work, and so loving that it just blows my mind. I am so grateful for her example and I know that we will continue to see miracles!
Some of the other great updates of the week. Lin HuiXin's father and mother signed the permission slip to let her be baptized, so she will be baptized on May 21. We are all super excited!
Lin ZhengWei and Ou YuXuan are two college students here and have been coming to shurhc for the past while. They are really great! Their parents currently oppose, and in Taiwan you need to be 20 to get baptized without parent's permission, but they are right on track. We hope we don't have to wait two shole years, but they are seriously great!
Also, Hu Hui Na's Little sister Wen Haini is so fantastic! She arrived at chruch lite 20 minutes early this past sunday and her little son is just precious. She attended primary with him for part of chruch and they were both just so cute! She was singing alng with the primary songs and it was so great! She has some word of wisdom problems to overcome, but I just knwo that she will be baptized. She already has a testimony.
Also, becasue she was in primary, I got to attend with her, and it was so great. Tracy - who got baptized last Christmas - is the pianist for primary and to see her in there with her little kids and learning and singing together and still strong in the gospel, I was just so touched I wanted to cry. A mission is so wonderful! You see miracles you would never get the chance to see otherwise!
I just absolutely LOVE being a misisonary. These people - they really are my family. I just feel so much love for them it is hard sometimes to believe. All of the families intehse branches - I just love them! When I call the branch members to ask questions or for help, they always say, "wait one moment, my child wants to talk to you." I am just so touched. I love these people, and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that through the Gospel I will be able to be with these people for eternity. Jesus Christ - he is all that is important. I know that He is my savior. Becasue of him, I can have everlasting life.
I love you all and I hope all is well!
Sister Collyer

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