Wednesday, August 24, 2011

March 8, 2011

Dear friends and Family,

Nihao!! How is life onthe other side of the world?! I hope it is great, becasue It is great over here too!
It is raining today, but hey, living on a tropical island you have to expect it, right? :) I don't mind the rain, it makes me feel like really hard core going out and talking to people on their scooters even though the weather is bad. Rain or shine, the gospel is still true!!!

This past week was a good one. on last monday we went to the family track meet in Yuli and it was awesome. I got to run the 3K, which was a lot of fun, but that day
it conveniently decided to be really hot, and all of us poor white skinned missionaries got sunburned and on thursday our skin on our faces started to peel and it was hilarious because every singel one of us looked really funny! Life is great.

This week we also saw a miracle. We met a woman that came and asked if she could meet with us! Um, I think the answer would be yes. She lives relatively close to the chapel and has always wanted to come in but has never been invited but one say we were outside the chapel and she saw us and wanted to talk and she came to chruch on sunday! She is Sister Sun. She is great. What a miracle!
Also, we went to Hualian on Exchanges this past week and it is always great there. I sometimes forget that the rest of Taiwan is not like Taidong...There are actually people outside in other places! REally! Taidong is just my little glorious hicktown with rice fields and the most humble people in the world, and the rest of taiwan is crazy busy! I tis always fun to go and spread the gospel on busy street corners. And Sister Lin and Sister Li in Hualian are GREAT! I learned so much from them!
Well, I hope all is well! I lov eyou all!
Sister Collyer

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