Wednesday, August 24, 2011

May 9, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

First off, it was so WONDERFUL to talk to the family yesterday! Wow, I am just SOOOO happy! Eric, congrats on an awesome engagement. Rebecca and Lisa, your kids have the most wonderful little voices. Stacy, I CAN"T BELIEVE you are graduating and going to BYU, and Mom and Dad, thanks for just being there for all of us. I love you all so much! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
I also wanted to tell the world what a great mother I have. I have been thinking about some of attributes my mom has andI want to share a couple right now.

Love! My mom writes me an email every week, and considering how computer illiterate she is, that is a big deal! Also, every valentines day and on my birthday my mom always sent me flowers. I truly love flowers, and I know that every flower is just mom saying, "Amy, I love you." Mom, I love you too!

Patience! Wow, raising five children, including two twins who when we were young LOVED to pick on our little sister is not an easy task, but I never once have heard a bad word about us in my whole life. My mom, she loves us. Thanks for your patience, mom.

Funny! Three words - Youth conference dances - pretty much says it all. Mom, thanks for teaching me how to have fun, laugh, and just enjoy life.

Caring! Remember whan I was younger and I wanted a dog so bad and I never let is go and then I bought a dog and then left for college and good old cubby stayed at home and my mom still cares for him even though she really doesn't like dogs that much? That is the kind of person my mother is. She just cares for anyone and everyone. and can you please give Cubby a kiss for me? :)

Faithful! I know that I am who I am today because of the faith if my mother. She is a living example of a woman who follows Jesus Christ's example. When I was at home and I heard my mother pray for me, I always felt the spirit testify that what she was saying is true. I, like the sons of Helaman, can truly say, "I do not doubt. My Mother knows my savior."


For those of you who don't know yet, move calls have come and gone and to my relief I am STILL in Taidong! One thing is for sure - the members here are really praying hard! I couldn't be more grateful than I am right now. I get to finish my mission right in the place I call home. I have never been happier anywhere than I am right here.

Also, some great news! There is a member from down here that just entered the taipei mission: Wang YiHui! Well, guess who her trainer is? Non other than my own little missionary daughter Sister Wynder! So in missionary terms, Sister Wang is my granddaughter. Well, I couldn't be more proud! I love her and her family. The picture above is us at the Eang Family home for dinner on Sunday. They are really fantastic. Wang Ma is the greatest, and all of her daughters are like my sisters. I just love them! The girl in the hat is Wang Yi Hui.
WE have some baptisms coming up and I am really excited about it. The week after next is Lin HuiXin. Her older brother and his children are members and she is so excited to be baptized. Her dad brings her to chruch every snday even though he is not a member. What a supportive father. I am grateful for him.

And in the next couple weeks Sister Li and a couple other people should be getting baptized. I just hope that I get to see these people make a covenant with God before I head back to the states, but if not, I know that God is caring for these people, and that is all that matters.

I love you all so much and hope all is well!

Sister Collyer

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