Wednesday, August 24, 2011

May 16, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,
This week was another fantastic week. Lin Huixin passed her baptismal interview and is going to be baptized on Saturday by her older brother. Yes! What a fantastic week!

Also, Luo YunHua asked her husband if she could be baptized and he said yes! We still have to help her finish up the lessons and then she is ready! Seriously, it is just such a great miracle! Those two practicaly prepared themselves to be baptized. I am so happy inside!
We also had some other great experiences this week. One evening our lessons for the evening canceled. It had been a long day and we were really tired, but we prayed that god would guide us. We decided to go knock doors in a lane that was not too far away. Well, about the third door we knocked a little girl came out. We told her who we were and asked if her family was home. She said yes, so we asked if we could go in and chare a message. She said yes, and we said, "Do you want to ask your parents?" WEll, her parents said yes, so we went in and it turns our that the mother, two daughters, and one son are inactive members. Wow! I have never seen them before, so we got to know them a little better and then encouraged them to come to chruch. It was pretty amazing!
After that, we still had about 25 minutes, so we continued tracting. Not four houses later a very, very old man from mainland China and his caretaker let us in to share a message! Wow! A canceled lesson turned into an evening of two lessons! It was a miracle!

I am so grateful that even when we were tired and all we wanted to do was rest, we went out. Sometimes I think it is interesting - we can go all day and have a ton of energy and excitement for teh work and talk to 100 people and not a single one has interest, but as soon as we are so tired we want to call it quits, but decide to keep going, that is when God sends us his miracles. I know that God sometimes is just trying our faith to see if we will really prove our love for him, and when we do, he blesses us. I am so happy that God lets us have these moments where we can push ourselves and them find that we were stronger than we thought we were. It reminds me of a scripture in Ether 12:27.
This week the Zhang Family took us out to eat at an awesome restaurant up by the Chulu ranch. It is kinf of a garden ranch place with this really fancy hotpot buffet inside. It was so amazing! I love
the Zhang family so much and am so grateful for thier kindness. The food was so good and the gardens were amazing and the company was the best! I am really happy.
I hope all continues to be well back home and that you are all remembering to pray and read your scriptrues! I love you!
Sister Collyer

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