Wednesday, August 24, 2011

April 4, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,
Wow, I don't even know what to say except that every day I love being a missionary more and more!!!! This week we have seen miracle stha tI never would have imagined!
first off, I just want to say that The mission president sent me the BEST sister missionary in the entire mission to be my companion, and I couldn't be more grateful! Every day is so full of happiness and excitement to go out and do the work, and because of it, every day is so full of miracles I just can't believe it! I absolutely love Sister Wu!
The members here are amazing! WE saw so many miracles and I know it is all becasue of the members faith. This week we got a ton of new people to teach because members introduced us to their friends and family and we are so excited about it! I am just so humbled that these members are so into missionary work!
This week we set a solid baptismal date with Zhong RongZhi for the end of this month and we really feel that she is going to make it! Also, we went to visit Sister Lan and She also was willing to set a baptismal date and she hopes her son can make it with her! Right here I just want to make a little interjection real fast - without the members we have NOTHING! Wang Ma went with us to go visit Sister Lan and it was PERFECT! Without Wang Ma there, I am sure Sister Lan wouldn't have been willing to set a date.
Then on Wednesday we had English class, and a lot of new people cam to class, and FIVE people that came were willing to learn more baout the gospel and set up time with us to meet and learn! Two of them are Zhang YingYing and Her aunt Sister Pan. We went and visited them on Saturday and YingYing is so amazing! She is 15 and loves to read the scriptures and leantr about Jesus and we taught her about the restoration and she knows it is true and wants to be baptised at the end of the month! Wow! Her aunt is great too - they both came to chruch yesterday and loved it!
Then this week we also met a wonderful woman named Su Jialing. WOW~!!! Talk about PREPARED! The missionaries met with her about three years ago but she was never baptized because her mother-in-law opposes, but she KNOWS the chruch is true! We asked her what she remembers from the previous misisonaries and she started telling us how she would read her children the Book of Mormon every night and how her favorite part is Lehi's dream and she knows that God really had prepared a straight path for us to return to his presence and she also wants to be baptized! WOW! Her biggest problem is Still her mother-in-law. She had a big challenge to overcome, but I know that she can do it. She really has faith!!! I love her! and her two children are pretty much the cutest children in the world!
i just can't express how grateful I am for the miracles of this week. I know it is becasue of the members and their help an dtheir efforst to help others come unto Christ. The members here just have TESTIMONY burning in their hearts and becasue they KNOW that this is true, they have a great desire to share it with others. I just love working here. I am home.
I read in Alma 45:1 this week and I was really touched. Alma says that the people, after they are delivered out of the hands of their enemies gave great thanks by fasting and worshiping the Lord. I read that on friday and I was so touched becasue I feel just like them! Every day we missionaries go out and we are at war with Satan to bring about the salvation of men. I just feel like this past week we had a huge victory over Satan! It is amazing! I feel like we were literally delievered out of his hands and saw miracles and I am so grateful it was FAST SUNDAY yesterday! I was so happy to fast and thank god for all that he has done for us this week. I love my Father in Heaven, and I know that he loves me.
I love you all and hope all is well! Don't forget to pray and read the scriptures - You too can see miracles!
Sister Collyer

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