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March 22, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,
This week was FANTASTIC! Once again, we spent the majority of the week out of our area, but we still saw miracles. On thursday I had to attend a meeting in Taibei, and since it takes too long to get there we had to head up starting Wednesday afternoon. We made it to Hualian Wednesday night and then my companion stayed with the sisters there while I went up to Taibei for a special training meeting and it was AWESOME!!!
We focused on how to become better missionaries through receiving revelation. we also discussed how best to teach our investigators to learn by the spirit and recognize the spirit. I especially liked one set of Zone leaders encouraged us to teach our investigators about the spirut at the very beginning of the lesson, and then tell them to watch out for those feelings as they learn. Another set of missionaries also talked about the power

of a good, bold commitment invitation. I have notices that as a missionary I could really improve on this point. There is a huge difference between "Do you think you can come to chruch this week?" and "Will you attend chruch with us this Sunday?" I really need to work on my invitations, because any invitation is an invitation to come to Christ, ands that is SUPER important!
We got back to Taidong on Friday and then went on companion exchanges. I got to work with Sister Lin. I really admire Sister Lin. She moved in to Hualian at the same time as I moved to Taidong, so most of my mission I have been with her. She is a really great missionary, a really hard worker, and really diligent in following the promptings of the spirit. We went from an evening of canceled lessons to having two new investigators. SHe also helped a lot with a couple of new members and progressing investigators. I just am so grateful for her example and that she was able to help out so much. I love her!
On Saturday we saw a lot of miracles too. We taught a lesson to a couple of college students and they REALLY liked it a lot. There is Sister Oh and Brother Lin. They are really special. We
asked them, if this is true, do you think it is important? Why? Sister Oh Said herself, "WEll, if God really established his church through Joseph Smith, then every other chruch is false. This is SUPER improtant!" YESSSS!!!!! EXACTLY! If our message is true, this chruch really is the only true and living chruch that has Gods full truth on the whole earth. That is why receiving a personal witness from the Holy Ghost about these things is so important. When you know by the Holy Ghost that these things are true, everything else falls int
o place.
Then, right after we left their lesson, I ran into a person on the street and said, "WE are missionaries sharing a message about Jesus. Do you have 20 minutes right now that we can sit down with you and share our message?" Well, she said YES! WE sat down and she is great. Sister Chen is her name and she is searching for a chruch and a true religion right now. How perfect is that?
I am so grateful for God's guidance becasue it really has felt lately like we have been beating against a brick wall trying to find solid people to teach, and this weekend it finally came through. I know that God is leading the work, and it we continue in diligence her really will lead us to prepared people, or lead prepared people to us. I am so grateful and humbled to see God's miracles!
Also, we had FIVE people come to chruch yesterday, and they all really liked it! It was a great miracle and I am so grateful to our branch who helped and welcomed our new friends so much. The branch members are the key to everything in the work.
I love you all and I hope all is well!
THe pictures I think are really funny. One is the Elders sleeping on the train up to Taibei. THe one wiht the facemask is Elder You and the one across the isle with the coat over his head is Elder Sessions. I just thought it was hilarious!
And this is sister Dowdle. She was in the MTC one before me, and it has been over eight months since I have seen her! She was at the meeting in Taipei too.
Sister Collyer

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