Wednesday, August 24, 2011

May 23, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week was truly amazing!

On Monday we went to Taroko in Hualian, which is the most beautiful place in Taiwan. Not a singel one of my pictures does the place any justice at all, but let me tell you, I have never been mor in awe of God's creations in my life as I was staring up from the valley of Toroko at the beautiful mountains and rocks that god made. It was an inspiring experience.

We also had Lin HuiXin's Baptism! It was fantastic! He older brother Tony baptized her and it was a great day for everyone! The spirit was there and I am so happy that all went well.
Also, Sister Li Luo Yun Hua passed her baptismal interview and is excited to be baptized this coming Saturday! We are so happy. She is so prepared!

We also met with Sister Lai Yuan Jing and her daughter Huang Yu E and they want to be baptized on June 18! I am so excited! We are also currently a part member family, the Fang family, for their two smaller children to be baptized on that date, so if all goes well we will have four baptisms on that date! Wow! It is a miracle! We will see how everything falls into place.

We also had a big miracle yesterday. We found a family who was willing to listen to the gospel - the Hou family. They seem pretty good. Also, after we visited them, we went to find a couple previous investigators, and both of the previous investigatiors were home and both agreed that we could return, and one of them even thri husband and four sons set up with us. WOW!!! I have never seen such a huge night of miracles, but that isn't even where it ends.

For the last almost 6 months I have been unable to contact an inactive member I care a lot about. Her name is Hu Wanrou. She moved away from home to like in a dorm and her dorm is locked, so it has been impossible to visit her and her phone doesn't work. Well, yesterday night we were int eh area and we decided to go visit her home to see if maybe she was visiting. Well, She wasn't there, but for the first time in six months we ran into her family - her sisters - who told us her cell phone number changed and set up a time we can meet with all of them! WOW! It is a miracle!
I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences that I have had this week. I am so humbled that people are sowilling to hear the good news of the gospel. I know that this chruch truly has a prophet of God to lead and guide us. I love this gospel! I love telling everyone about how God our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ have once again called prophets and apostles today, "ushering in the long-promised dispensation of the fullness of times." What a great testimony of God's love for his children!

I love you all and hope all is well!

Sister Collyer

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